Mike Monda

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Joe Monda​

Jay Heffner

Kevin Robertson

      Temple of Switches is a band from the Central Coast of California.

The core members, Kevin McConnell (keys and vocals), Jay Heffner(drums) and Mike Monda (guitar and backing vocals) have known each other for decades and had played music together in "Jam" bands back in the late 70's and early 80's.  The three re-united in mid-2012 to create what is now Temple of Switches.

      The music they write is complex, heavy, powerful and dramatic, in the tradition of the great bands of the late seventies and early eighties such as Pink Floyd, Rush and Kansas.
       The two primary writers Kevin McConnell and Mike Monda are on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to their approach to music. Mike lurks the dark and dissonant and would rather not play at all than compromise. Kevin on the other hand is perfectly at home in the pop genre with a desire to appeal to the millions.
        Lyrically, Mike draws from pain and sadness and typically paints a cloudy picture whereas Kevin is the inspiring optimist with his fist in the air. On songs like "Desert Sands" and "The Positive side (part two)" there is almost an outright conversation between the two where the song dwells on the sad and hopeless until Kevin steps in to let us know that it's not that bad, and that everything will be alright in the end.
        The result is a perfect blend of dark and beautiful, melodic and dissonant, power and finesse. Decidedly retro sounding with rich Hammond organ tones through a gritty old Leslie, and every guitar sound in the book. 
        For the rhythm section, Jay's approach to drumming is powerful and at the same time complex and full of creative fills (Neal Peart fans take note).            Since the bands inception a few years ago, finding the right bass player had been quite a dilemma. They tried out more than a handful . Mike's brother Joe would travel over four hundred miles to fill in at gigs when needed. Joe ended up recording the bass tracks on their debut CD.                          They also enlisted the help of bassist Kevin Robertson, who was local. In addition to his many other projects, Kevin spent a great deal of time rehearsing, recording and performing with the band. ​

      As of September 2014 Temple of Switches is on hiatus. In the mean time Mike is writing and recording music with a variety of artists, a well as members of the original band with an eye toward producing another studio album under the Temple name.

Kevin McConnell